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The Grand Traverse Bay Water Quality Database

The Watershed Center has developed an online, interactive Regional Water Quality Database for the Grand Traverse Bay watershed, which provides a comprehensive storehouse of available water quality data for the entire watershed. This database contains both current and historical data which has been gathered and entered by groups involved in monitoring water quality throughout the watershed. You can search for data by parameter, location, water body, jurisdiction, or specific research document.

The database is a great asset to those wanting to learn more about water quality conditions throughout the entire Grand Traverse Bay watershed, or even just in their own backyard.

Note: The database will be maintained and kept current as new data is gathered and entered into the system. There are many groups involved in monitoring water quality parameters throughout the watershed and every effort is made to include all data that are available.

 There are two ways to view the data:
  1. Create an individualized query to view a table of values or a map of specific locations.
  2. View a map of all sampling locations.

Using the Query Form

For more information on each water quality parameter you can search for, click on the “Define 1st selected parameter” link to the right of the parameter query box. This link will take you to the glossary definition for that specific parameter and explain what it is, how it may enter a water body and how it impacts water quality. If you need help using the database use the “Need Help?” links located to the right of each query box below.

Or, you can read our Database Instructional Booklet. For easier viewing, we suggest that you right click on the following link and select 'Save Target As' to download a copy of the booklet to your computer. Database Instructional Booklet (1,903k)
Note: If you have a faster internet connection you can also download a higher resolution version of the instructional booklet that is 3,383k.
You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view the booklet.


More Water Quality Information

  • EPA STORET Database: A repository for water quality, biological, and physical data used and gathered by state environmental agencies.
  • Adopt-A-Stream: Our ongoing volunteer monitoring program where volunteers sample streams for aquatic insects and complete habitat assessments at select locations around the watershed.
  • Michigan Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program: The Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program is a partnership between the Land and Water Management Division of the Department of Environmental Quality  and the Michigan Lake and Stream Associations, Inc. The primary purpose of this cooperative program is to help citizen volunteers monitor indicators of water quality in their lake and document changes in lake quality over time.
  • Link to DEQ page with results.Link to Michigan Lakes and Streams Association page with program information and past results.
  • Stream Sediment Info from the USGS: Naturally occurring levels of chemical elements in stream sediments.
Query the Water Quality Database
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