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Physio-chemical Water Data Available of the Watershed
by Michihgan Department of Natural Resources, (more info...)
Local Tributary E.Coli Monitoring Results
by The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay, (more info...)
Some Aspects of the Physical Limnology of Grand Traverse Bay
by George H. Lauff, 6/1/1957 (more info...)
Grand Traverse Bay Limnological Data
by Auer, M.T., Canale, R.P., and Freedman, P.L., 3/1/1976 (more info...)
A Profile of Water Quality: Lake Bellaire
by Canale, Raymond, Peterson, John, & Weiss, William, 8/1/1983 (more info...)
A Survey of Streams: Lake Bellaire, Shanty Creek Area
by Thomas M. Kelly, 12/1/1983 (more info...)
A History of Spencer Creek: Torch Lake
by Kelly, Thomas M., and Peterson, Margaret P., 7/1/1985 (more info...)
Water Resources Data, Michigan: Water Year 1986
by Failing, Wallace, and Miller, 1/1/1987 (more info...)
A Preliminary Investigation: Ellsworth Lake
by Comfort, Margaret P., and Peterson, John, 10/1/1988 (more info...)
Hydrology and Land Use In Grand Traverse County, Michigan
by Cummings, T.R., Gillespie, J.L., Grannemann, N.G., 1/1/1990 (more info...)
Integrated Habitat and Water Quality of Grand Traverse Bay
by McCauley, Dennis, Arnld, Bill, O'Donnell Patty, 4/1/1990 (more info...)
Three Lakes Water Quality Report
by William G. Weiss, Jr., PhD., P.E., 11/1/1990 (more info...)
Final Report for the Grand Traverse Bay Initiative: Part II, Water Quality of the Bay and Tributaries
by John A. Shuey, Cynthia A. Harris, G. Mick DeGraeve, 9/1/1991 (more info...)
Kids Creek Stormwater Management Plan
by Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr, & Huber, 12/1/1991 (more info...)
Stormwater Sewer Study
by City of Traverse City Waste Water Treatment Plant and Operations Management International, 1/1/1992 (more info...)
Nutrient Data and Budgets for Leelanau County Streams and Lakes
by Leelanau Conservancy, 9/1/1997 (more info...)
Peshawbestown and Omena Bay Baseline Water and Sediment Quality Study
by Great Lakes Environmental Center, 6/1/1998 (more info...)
Final Report: Support for the Strategic Environmental Quality Monitoring Program for Michigan Surface Waters: Grand Traverse Bay and Saginaw Bay.
by Great Lakes Environmental Center/GTBWI, 5/1/2000 (more info...)
Final Report Silver Lake Water Quality Trend Analysis
by Great Lakes Environmental Center, 7/1/2000 (more info...)
The Influence of Land-Use Change on Biogeochemical Indicators and Great Lakes Loadings: Data for Watershed Management
by Bryan C. Pijanowski, David T. Long, David W. Hyndm, 7/1/2000 (more info...)
Stormwater Source Identification, Sampling and Analysis at Select Storm Drains and Tributaries to Grand Traverse Bay (Lake Michigan)
by Dennis J. McCauley, 7/1/2001 (more info...)
Public Beach Monitoring Results
by Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay, 10/1/2001 (more info...)
The Boardman Lake Watershed Study, Grand Traverse County, Michigan
by The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay, Ball Environmental Associates, and Great Lakes Environmental Center, 12/1/2003 (more info...)
Comprehensive Water Quality Monitoring Program-Elk River Chain of Lakes
by Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, 1/1/2004 (more info...)
Secchi Disk Monitoring by Grand Traverse Bay Power Squadron
by Grand Traverse Power Squadron, 1/1/2004 (more info...)
Secchi Disk Monitoring by Grand Traverse Bay Power Squadron
by Grand Traverse Power Squadron, 1/1/2004 (more info...)
Silver Lake Water Quality Data
by Silver Lake Association, 5/1/2004 (more info...)
Grand Traverse Bay Macrophyte Bed Study
by The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay, 7/1/2009 (more info...)
Boardman River Baseline Monitoring Project - Pre-Dam Removal (DEQ grant #481192-10)
by The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay, 1/1/2013 (more info...)
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